5 Foods That Can Stunt Your Height Growth

By Easha Azad
2023-09-25,12:01 IST

While genetics play the most important role in determining height, certain foods can have a negative impact on your height growth, especially in the early years.


Soy products contain phytic acid, which can inhibit height growth in children as it can inhibit calcium absorption.


Rice in moderate amounts is fine. However, if you predominantly consume rice, it can cause an excess of carbs. Which means less protein and fibre.

Junk food

Eating too much junk food during growth years can lead to poor bone development. Such children grow to be fat and short.


Drinking soda imbalances the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in your body. This means weaker bones. Plus it is full of calories which can your BMI.


Alcohol consumption, especially in growth years, can stunt your height growth. It also impacts the brain health of children.


Eating a healthy diet with proper nutrition is essential for increasing your height during early years.